Kathryn Tully, Freelance Journalist

Kathryn Tully is a freelance journalist, columnist and editor who writes about the arts, business, finance, travel and lifestyle from New York.

Words she has put in a row have ended up in the Financial Times, The Economist, Worth Magazine, Forbes Magazine, Art + Auction Magazine, The Times of London, The Guardian and The National, among others. She also writes the Priceless blog for Forbes about the market for art and other collectibles. Full Bio
Biz & Finance

2013's Most Expensive
Art Sales

Worth Magazine,
Feb/March 2014

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Art & Design

Collecting Soviet
propaganda posters

BBC Capital
February 2014

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Travel & Leisure

When hotels compete with galleries
Raconteur Media, The Times,
July 2011

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Life & Style

A question of
personal taste

Raconteur Media, The Times,
July 2011

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